LeadSolar provides a versatile and easy-to-install microinverter solution for residential installations that delivers design flexibility, maximizes solar production and minimizes system maintenance.


The LeadSolar solution is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. LS600 Microinverters

The LS600 is a dual-input microinverter that supports either 60 or 72 cell* panels up to 350+ Watts each, independently tracking MPPT to maximize panel production. The microinverters connect in series via built-in AC cables, so no additional trunk cables are required. Up to 12 micros can connect in series to form a 240V, 30A branch circuit. One end of the branch circuit terminates with a LeadSolar end cap, while the other connects to a junction box via a LeadSolar jumper cable (with the unneeded connector removed). This Jumper cable can also be used to extend the gap between micros to bridge skylights or other such roof obstacles. Multiple branch circuits can be collected in a subpanel and then connected to the main electrical service. Please refer to the LeadSolar Residential Design Guide for more details.

* A 96 cell version is also available

2. LeadSolar Link Gateway

The Link Gateway communicates with each of the system’s microinverters using PLC protocol and then transfers the information via the cloud to LeadSolar’s LinkView™ monitoring platform. In-line installation and a built-in PLC filter help provide for a robust communication path to as many as 25 microinverters (50 panels). The Gateway can be viewed offline through an internal webpage or remotely connected to the cloud by Ethernet, Wifi or a cellular connection**. An autoscan function simplifies installation as the gateway will automatically identify the microinverters connected to it.

** Additional third-party hardware required for the cellular option

3. LeadSolar LinkView™ monitoring

The LinkView™ monitoring platform allows both the installer and system owner to remotely monitor system performance in real time on web-tied computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Production data as well as any potential error conditions are displayed and can be downloaded for further analysis. The program allows the installer to “toggle on/off” the panel view for the end customer, depending on their preference. Installers can monitor and manage the full portfolio of their installed projects with much detailed information to better and more efficiently service their customers.